Special Memberships


Day Pass

Need a space to land for the day? Come in for a day pass and get access to all member amenities like fitness classes, conference room bookings and more! $45/day


Fitness Only Membership

Looking for a lovely place to work out in downtown Oakland? Our Fitness Membership offers access to our fitness classes only. Choose from at least three classes daily, Monday–Friday. Each class is 45 minutes or less in length, so you can get in and out, and on with your day. $120/month


Community Funded Membership

At Sphere, we believe in the power of a vibrant and diverse community, and know it takes womxn from all backgrounds to build one. To make this space accessible and welcoming to all, we’ve created a Community Funded Membership Program: for every five paid memberships, we will provide one to a womxn in need of this support.  This means that 17% of our members will receive a House membership -- with access to all workspaces, amenities and events -- at no cost to them.

If you are a full paying member, we thank you for supporting this program and making our community welcoming to all.  


Educator’s Summer Special

Are you an educator with a side hustle or a dream that's waiting for more time in the sun? Do you need a productive work environment that’s not your home or a coffee shop? Want a place to get that book or project done where you can be in community with other inspiring womxn?

We’re offering a special just for you! Get 100 hours of Sphere access this summer for only $200.